13 Spanish Podcasts for Every Interest and Learning Level (Beginner to Advanced)

Can you learn Spanish by just listening? Not quite. But you can significantly improve… Rosetta Stone’s latest series of language lessons will help you build your Hebrew skills! You’ll find these phrases useful for any situation, whether you’re taking a trip or connecting with family and friends at home.  The series takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel and provides an overview of conversational Hebrew. Within each lesson, you’ll learn essential phrases that are useful in common situations, such as exploring a city by bike, chatting at a cafe, or taking in the nightlife.  See a sampling below, or watch the full series here. Exploring by bike Tel Aviv is a beautiful city with so much to explore! In this video, you’ll take a bike ride along the waterfront and encounter amazing destinations in the city center. Along the way, you’ll learn vocabulary that helps you identify common landmarks, ask and give directions, and navigate your way around a bustling city.  Meeting at the cafe In many countries, great conversations happen around a cup of coffee. In this video, you’ll get a taste of the coffee scene in Tel Aviv—from cafe hafuch to nes al chalav. Then, you’ll learn all the phrases you’ll need when meeting up with new acquaintances, introducing old friends, and making plans for a night out.  Taking in the nightlife Gearing up for a night out on the town? In this video, you’ll learn phrases to help you order a variety of drinks. Plus, you can use many of these phrases to help you feel confident ordering at restaurants, food carts, and more!  See the full series of Everyday Conversation lessons here, or check it out on your next flight with American Airlines.  They’re also available in Spanish, Japanese, French, and Brazilian Portuguese! Stay up to date with new lessons and transform your language learning journey with more helpful videos on Rosetta Stone’s Youtube channel.

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