A New Home: How Rosetta Stone Partnerships are Helping Refugees Bridge Language Gaps

Some make the choice to leave their homes; others are forced into migration. The… Can you learn Spanish by just listening? Not quite. But you can significantly improve the language skills you do have!  Audio is a core component of language learning. Some learners, particularly young children,  are able to adopt language easily through listening. It has myriad benefits—listening to Spanish can help you sharpen your accent, refine your comprehension skills, and expand your vocabulary.  From music to movies, there are tons of listening opportunities available. When you’re on the go, podcasts are a great way to pack listening practice into your everyday routine. Plus, they’re prolific. There’s more than enough quality content to keep you learning and entertained for every commute, workout, or study session.  The best part about Spanish language podcasts? It’s easy to find one that fits your interests—whether you’re into Spanish ghost stories or want to follow the more traditional, curriculum-based path to learning.  Listening is most effective when it’s done alongside lessons. Build your knowledge with Rosetta Stone—which has audio from native Spanish speakers built into every lesson—and supplement what you know with these stellar podcasts below.  Best Spanish language podcasts by topic Want to learn more about the paranormal? Or maybe you’re looking to tune into the latest celebrity gossip? The podcasts in this section balance Spanish listening skills with the subjects you’re most interested in.  1. ¡Qué Spooky! Podcast (ghost stories)  Gather around the proverbial campfire as Kevin and Andrez exchange the spookiest of stories. From paranormal encounters to urban legends, this duo brings bone chilling tales to life. Real fans stick around for the annual Halloween special, which last year unearthed the internet’s most baffling unexplained encounters with the paranormal. Every fifth episode is in Spanish, but the English episodes are fantastic primers on culture throughout Mexico and Latin America! Apple Spotify 2. Gossip in Spanish (entertainment)  Can we please talk about what happened on last night’s Love is Blind..? With Gossip in Spanish, you can rehash the drama while sharpening your listening skills. From the latest fallout on Selling Sunset to Bad Bunny’s love life, Karla y La Colo dish out cream-of-the-crop gossip with plenty of laughs. If you’re looking to brush up on Spanish slang, make this podcast #1 on your list.  Apple Spotify 3. Radio Ambulante (news)  There is no better tour of Latin America than the one hosted by Radio Ambulante. Distributed by NPR, this podcast weaves interviews and narratives to tell the vibrant and varied stories of Uruguay, Colombia, and beyond. Start by meeting Patricia Velázquez, who discusses the cultural significance of reggaeton in Puerto Rico, or get to know Tamara de Anda, the writer and journalist championing public art in Mexico City. With so many interviews to choose from, Radio Ambulante can help you increase your exposure to a wide variety of accents.  Apple Spotify 4. Entiende Tu Mente (psychology)  In English, Entiende Tu Mente translates to “Understand Your Mind.” While we can’t guarantee that you’ll become an expert on the brain overnight, hosts Esther, Luis, and Molo can take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. In each 20 minute episode, you’ll build a better understanding of how to improve your focus, why people perceive time differently, and more.  Spotify 5. La Ciencia Vs (science)  Did humans really build the pyramids or is the proof that aliens exist right in front of us? The hosts behind this Spotify exclusive podcast, Dr. Leonora Milán and Dr. Alejandra Ortíz, are on a mission to answer every nagging question that pops into your head. With this podcast, you’ll explore science in a fun, practical way—and expand your Spanish science vocabulary in the process!  Spotify 6. La Cotorrisa (comedy)  Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky are here to carry you through hump day. For the times when your brain needs an off switch, La Cotorrisa brings strange news, weird facts, and laugh-out-loud stories to brighten your Wednesday. Apple Spotify 7. Spanish Stories for Kids (kids)  Prepare to be charmed by this endearing podcast, co-hosted by Marcelo and his mom. Each installment brings a popular children’s story to life. From Pinocchio to The Emperor’s New Clothes, Marcelo kicks off each episode by highlighting key vocabulary words. Marcelo’s mom then delivers an enthusiastic retelling. Stories are about 10 minutes long—just enough to pique your child’s interest in new Spanish vocab or help them fall asleep. Apple Spotify Best learning-focused Spanish language podcasts  Balance out your listening practice with podcasts that take a more traditional learning approach. Podcasts included in this section are easily aligned with what you’re currently learning in Spanish—whether you’re starting with the basics or ready to jump into more advanced conversations.   8. Stories by Rosetta Stone Listening practice is built into every lesson you’ll encounter on Rosetta Stone. After all, how can you expect to master a language if you don’t know what it sounds like?  Rosetta Stone Stories takes the best parts of a Spanish learning podcast and turns them into actionable practice. Each story is tailored to the level you’re working at. From short poems to fictional stories, you’ll learn more about the many cultures behind Spanish and have the opportunity to refine your pronunciation.  First, you can listen to a native speaker read the story. Then, you can record yourself reading the Spanish text out loud! Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll get detailed feedback from TruAccent to see where you’ve aced your Spanish pronunciation and where you could improve.  Stories even help you learn new vocab through immersion—simply tap an underlined word to see a picture that illustrates it.  Try Stories 9. Simple Stories in Spanish  If you’re new to Spanish, it’s best to start simple. You’ll learn more, and you’ll feel more confident about what you know. Small Town Spanish Teacher’s weekly podcast features unique 15 minute stories in Spanish using vocabulary you’ll encounter in everyday conversations. Some stories are from her own life, some are from her friends’. All are engaging, easy to understand, and a great jumping off point for nailing the fundamentals.  Apple Spotify 10. Coffee Break Spanish  Some learners want to master grammar rules on the go. If you love diving into grammar rules—like how to use the imperfect tense or the importance of adjective agreement—Coffee Break Spanish is the perfect fit. They even have a travel series, so you can dive into grammar rules while uncovering regional culture and history across Latin America. Episodes are broken up into 5 different sections. Beginner learners can start with “1” episodes, while more advanced learners can lean on “4” and “5!”  Apple Spotify 11. Intermediate Spanish Podcast  You’re comfortable carrying basic conversations—you’ve mastered present, past, and future tenses—and you’re ready to take your Spanish skills to the next level. This podcast is for you. It has a little bit of everything, from fun stories to in-depth episodes on cultural topics, like the political landscape of Spain. The study tips episodes are highly recommended for best practices on learning new vocabulary, mastering tricky grammar rules, and more.  Apple Spotify 12. Doorway to Mexico From Central to South America, Spanish sounds slightly different in every region. Mexico’s vast landscape and rich cultural heritage lends itself to a wide variety of nuances for learners to look out for. Whether you’re planning a trip or building stronger ties with people in your community, Doorway to Mexico is a valuable resource for strengthening your listening skills and expanding your vocabulary. We recommend this one for intermediate to advanced speakers.  Apple Spotify 13. Eat Your Spanish: A Spanish Learning Podcast for Kids and Families  Put your vocabulary list to the tune of your favorite song, and you’ll find it easier to remember those words when you need them. Eat Your Spanish covers the basics—from numbers to colors—for young listeners in a fun, music-oriented medium. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long to make on-the-go learning easy!  Apple Spotify Improve your Spanish listening skills with Rosetta Stone   You can’t learn Spanish overnight. But make Spanish podcasts the soundtrack to your life, and you’ll find that:  conversations feel more natural, the word you’re looking for is easier to remember, and your conversation partner, who probably speaks pretty fast, is easy enough to understand. With Rosetta Stone, learning Spanish can feel even more effortless and fun. Instead of relying on memorization, you’ll have the opportunity to learn through context—the same way you would if you lived among native speakers in Spain or Ecuador. Plus, TruAccent helps you refine your pronunciation, so you can confidently nail your accent every time.  Start learning today!

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