Buffer vs. Sked Social: Nine Key Differences

Sked Social’s strong Instagram focus contrasts with Buffer’s well-rounded support for various social media platforms.Selecting the perfect social media management tool can be an overwhelming task. There are dozens of options available and hundreds of features to compare.But don't worry, we at Buffer are here to help you make an informed decision by comparing our platform with another popular choice: Sked Social.To assist you in finding the right solution for your social media management needs, we've compiled a list of key differences between Buffer and Sked Social. Let's dive in! 🚀Nine Major Differences1. No Free PlanAt Buffer, we offer a free plan that includes three channels and the ability to schedule up to 30 posts. Sked Social, however, does not offer a free plan at all. This makes Buffer an excellent choice for those looking to test the waters before diving into a paid plan.2. High costs to get startedSked Social's starting plan costs $25 per month and only offers three channels and one user. Our free plan at Buffer offers the same number of channels and users at no cost, providing an affordable entry point for beginners.3. High cost per ChannelOn average, Sked Social charges between $8 to $13 per channel per month, while we at Buffer only charge $6 per month per channel. For a typical business with a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram account, you'll pay just $60 with Buffer but $75 with Sked Social.4. Mandatory Instagram connectionAll of Sked Social's plans require users to connect at least one Instagram account. For customers who aren't active on Instagram, this means you're paying for a feature you don't use. At Buffer, we allow you to connect only the channels you wish to use, offering greater flexibility.5. Mastodon SupportAt Buffer, we allow users to connect and schedule posts on Mastodon, while Sked Social does not offer this option. For users seeking Mastodon support, Buffer is the clear choice.6. 4-Hour Support Response TimeWe take pride in offering world-class support at Buffer with an NPS consistently above 50, a customer satisfaction score of 94 percebt, and a four-hour first reply time to support tickets for all users on every plan. In contrast, Sked Social only provides a four-hour response time on its premium plans, and its Fundamental plan ($25 per month) doesn't offer any chat or email support.7. Limited Historical DataAll of our paid plans at Buffer offer unlimited historical data for analysis, while Sked Social's Fundamental plan caps data retention at three months. This makes Buffer a more suitable option for users who need to analyze historical data without limitations.8. Zapier IntegrationWe offer a Zapier integration on all our plans at Buffer, including the free plan, making it easy for users to connect Buffer with other apps and services. Sked Social only offers this integration on its Professional and Essentials plans, which start at $75 per month.9. Chrome ExtensionAt Buffer, we provide a powerful Chrome extension for saving ideas and scheduling posts on all our plans, including the free plan. Sked Social only offers this feature on its Professional and Essentials plans (starting at $75 per month), making Buffer a more accessible choice for users who want to streamline their content curation and scheduling processes.Buffer distinguishes itself from Sked Social by offering a user-friendly and cost-effective social media management solution. With our free plan, affordable paid options, and a range of features catering to different needs, we are the ideal choice for both small businesses and individual users.So, why not give Buffer a spin today?P.S. Have any feedback? Tweet us your thoughts, and let's chat!

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