Exo Rally Championship promises a hardcore space race like no other

On the day of our interview, Exo Rally Championship programmer and composer Rhys Lindsay was preparing for a race on a hostile alien planet, and feeling pretty good about his chances. He spent a full three minutes surveying the pockmarked, potentially lethal landscape from above with a drone, marking the most dangerous terrain in advance and picking out a relatively safe route between the checkpoints. “Alright,” he thought. “I’m going to smash this stage.”

Of course, it’s just as they say: no plan survives contact with unroaded planets wracked by extreme temperatures, meteor showers and atmospheric pressure unlike anything ever experienced on Earth. On the corner of the first checkpoint, Lindsay flipped his rover, snagging the vehicle on a rock that immediately broke his scanning systems and left him driving blind. By the time of our chat, though, he’s laughing. Exo Rally Championship is a racer for those who like to roll with the punches, quite literally – an anecdote generator for players who adore the challenge of preparing for the worst, and then adapting to changing circumstances on the fly.

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