Plants and pots at Shades of Green nursery in San Antonio

A visit to Shades of Green nursery in San Antonio to explore their plants, pots, gifts, and nursery displays. … Read More The post Plants and pots at Shades of Green nursery in San Antonio appeared first on Digging. June 22, 2023 Friends in San Antonio told me they like to shop at Shades of Green nursery, so when I was in town a few weeks ago I decided it was time for a visit. The place looks small from the outside, but as soon as I walked in, the nursery kept unfolding new paths, courtyards, and greenhouses. I was drawn first to this sunny space with yuccas, cacti, and other heat lovers. Of course there are perennials, shrubs, and trees too. Under a shade structure, smaller succulents can be found. Some are creatively potted, like the aloe and other succulents in this tiered bowl planter. Along one wall, small pots stand ready for you to make your own unique planters. Towering bald cypress trees shade much of the nursery. A rusty metal, lattice-style gazebo offers another way to achieve shade. Shades of Green has creative merchandising, including the use of stock tanks turned on edge as display niches for pots, plants, and even lighting. An old fence panel or door hangs as a rustic backdrop to another display of pots and houseplants. I hadn’t seen this type of sansevieria before: ‘Whale Fin’. I almost had to buy one as an indoor complement to my beloved whale’s tongue agaves. Burlap coffee sacks make a textural backdrop to this cute collection of square orange pots and teal owl vessels. An unusual squared-off arbor I got distracted by the giant bald cypresses growing everywhere. And look — cypress knees! I love that strappy metal sphere too, cradled among the knees. Rustic charm Inside another greenhouse I spotted these fun hanging pots labeled as Puff planters. Made of line-etched terracotta and punched with holes, they are shaped like onions, pillows… …stars… …and gourds. Wouldn’t they make a fun display for tillandsias or maybe votive candles? More-traditional pots in the same style are also available. I admired this open-design terracotta pot. It would be pretty filled with twinkle lights and set on a porch step. Carnivorous plants reminded me of my friend Jean’s garden. In the gift shop, a menagerie of iron animals and pastel rainbow pots caught my eye. Also this eye pot and glass boxes with a flowering tillandsia. Lots of great gift ideas! I’m sure I’ll be checking out Shades of Green again the next time I’m in San Antonio. I welcome your comments. Please scroll to the end of this post to leave one. If you’re reading in an email, click here to visit Digging and find the comment box at the end of each post. And hey, did someone forward this email to you, and you want to subscribe? Click here to get Digging delivered directly to your inbox! __________________________ Digging Deeper Come learn about garden design from the experts at Garden Spark! I organize in-person talks by inspiring designers, landscape architects, and authors a few times a year in Austin. These are limited-attendance events that sell out quickly, so join the Garden Spark email list to be notified in advance. Simply click this link and ask to be added. Season 7 starts in August. Stay tuned for the lineup! All material © 2023 by Pam Penick for Digging. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. The post Plants and pots at Shades of Green nursery in San Antonio appeared first on Digging.

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